Our new 8-song 12" is out NOW

Pick up a colored vinyl copy here.
Or buy a CD copy here
Or stream it for free, then buy a digital copy from our Bandcamp page

If you've come here looking for the lyric sheet insert you
were promised in the CD, here are the lyrics and here are some photos

MRR sez of our first release, the home studio
recorded Psychopathic Little Girl CD:
"A very '90s-sounding female fronted band
in the vein of SEVEN YEAR BITCH or the GITS. Powerful
vocals with empowering lyrics, backed by a hard rock band.
However, the lyrics sometimes get a bit hateful in an
over-the-top way."

Come visit us at Facebook for the most up-to-date information.
For booking, bulk orders of the record, or anything else, contact mark@diehippiedie.com.